color: #ffffff; Robert Von Hagge and Bruce Devlin, no strangers to Florida golf, … Summer Camps for children offer another opportunity. padding-top: 0; World class fishing on the only living coral reef in American waters. } In-residence Members and Guests enjoy 24/7 support by the Front Desk and Bell Stand, full-service housekeeping, after hours Resident Manager and an on-site engineering team – all staffed by Club Associates. div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe3fc6d08244.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area .sp-lcp-item .sp-lcp-item-border, While you are not required to use a particular type of kitchen and housewares inventory, we will provide a summary of the items we ask that you consider offering in your residence. } It is rare to see much travel agent activity in the vacation rentals’ environment but your Club does work hard to nurture the relationships we have with the area real estate professionals. While the Member/Guest, on occasion, may request the pool to be heated beyond this point, we may decline this request as a higher temperature tends to strain the pool equipment. In addition to the annual fee, when first joining the club, you are required to pay a non-refundable nomination fee.Current 2015 fees are as follows:- 1. Vacation Rentals is Club owned and managed. padding-bottom: 10px; A Membership Manager in our Membership Office can walk you through how to get the most from your membership with the Club. We thoughtfully peruse every survey and use this feedback to better understand how we can elevate the Member/Guest experiences. } Next, our Housekeeping teams are in the residence daily and they are trained to identify any issues within the home. The Club operates on a calendar month fiscal period. margin-left: -4px; Please, There is a simple form that must be filled out to, Yes. The Member’s trust in both the caretaker and the Vacation Rentals’ team is supported by open and transparent communications between all involved. This is a commonly asked question and we believe offering cart charging is a thoughtful feature. As a result, whenever there are changes in a residence (furnishings or décor), we engage a professional photographer to capture the new features. That we don’t want to miss out on the special moments with our children or grandchildren? width: 100%; We are located on a peninsula with one road leading into the Club. Ocean Reef Club is a private club community in Key Largo, Florida featuring championship golf, world-class marina, private airport, fine dining, medical center and more. margin-top: -33px; As you can imagine, this truly helps ‘sell’ the residence. } } .lcp_horizontal div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe3fc6d08244.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area .sp-lcp-item { There are two areas here: real estate and travel agent commissions. We have onsite security plus the Monroe County Sheriff’s office has an Ocean Reef Substation with five deputies assigned to cover the Club and surrounding area. We appreciate that many of our Members value use of their residence above the rental revenue. In Ocean Reef Club you can fish … left: 0; As a courtesy to you, the residence owner, we will tentatively accept the long-term reservation, pending your approval. Our Golf Academy offers the latest training aid including the V1 video system providing lessons to improve your game where you need it most. One of the growing business segments in the Vacation Rentals’ industry is Damage Waiver Insurance Policies. We have such a wide variety that there is an entire Recreation department dedicated to “fun”. The program provides reduced rates for pass holders, reduced guest fees, preferred discounts in LagerHead Tavern and the golf shop, and a chance to enjoy nature and its surroundings on a daily basis. .nav_position_bottom_left.lcp_horizontal div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe3fc6d011a2 .slick-next{ margin-top: 0; padding: 5px 13px; At the same time, and this is the second reason; while those kids are making lifelong friends and memories this is a chance to take care of you, with the things you like to do. When the Owner departs, your Housekeeping team provides a departure clean and the fee for this service is conveniently billed to the Owner’s Member account. float: none !important; div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe3fc6d08244.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area .sp-lcp-item:hover .sp-lcp-item-border, This service is available while your residence is vacant or while you, your Guest or a rental Guest is enjoying your residence. }.sp-logo-carousel-pro-section #sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe3fc6d011a2 .sp-lcpro-readmore-area{ Every fourth day, Members and Guests receive full-service housekeeping. If you have not already received our magazine request more information here. Legacy – This membership is reserved for the children and grandchildren of Equity Members. border-color: #dddddd; Protecting Paradise Public Safety The Ocean Reef Public Safety Department is a multi-function organization consisting of Officers trained to perform EMS, firefighting, and security operations. There are over a dozen options for dining, snacking, drinking, watching sports, listening to music, dancing, relaxing and enjoying good company here at the Club. At 12 years old they can take a driving test and if they pass they will receive their golf cart driver’s license. In addition, the Club employs a professional Lodging Reservations’ team who is fully-trained on how to ‘sell’ the Ocean Reef experience. Thus, a two-bedroom residence would customarily provide occupancy up to six. padding-right: 4px; Finally, your property manager will preview the residence immediately upon Rover’s departure to ensure there is no damage inside the home. We also have a local membership that provides both a year-round and summer only option. div.sp-logo-carousel-pro-section.nav_position_bottom_right.lcp_horizontal div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe3fc6d011a2 .slick-next{ It’s a true challenge that everyone loves to engage. color: #ffffff; Ocean Reef Club offers two opportunities for private club membership - social memberships for non-property owners and equity club memberships for property owners. This is a members club, although they allow "guests" at the Inn. In most cases, the residential elevator will not be available for use. The Club supports many charitable organizations and these furnishings help to support these organizations. Key Largo, FL 33037. Knowing who is in residence is a very important safety/security initiative. margin-top: 0; They offer additional benefits to our Members. margin-bottom: -8px; div.sp-logo-section-id-5fe3fc6d08244.nav_position_bottom_center{ The second course is the Hammock Course and our Members have a fond affection for it offering this advice: “bring balls”. .sp-logo-carousel-pro-section.sp-lcpro-id-314{ div.sp-logo-carousel-pro-section.nav_position_bottom_right div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe3fc6d08244.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area .slick-prev, Find 159 real estate homes for sale listings near The Academy At Ocean Reef in Key Largo, FL where the area has a median listing price of $549,000. position: absolute; Members and Guest pay the prevailing tax rates above the daily rental rate. Certainly not all of these families travel with their pet, but this request is becoming more and more prevalent in the luxury travel markets. Thank you very much!" right: 40px; padding: 5px 13px; padding-top: 0; This ultra-luxurious property will bring 27 residences for families to enjoy for years to come. You will no longer be charged for the missing fork, broken coffee pot, and so on. padding-left: 4px; Book Ocean Reef Yacht Club & Resort, Grand Bahama Island on Tripadvisor: See 515 traveler reviews, 708 candid photos, and great deals for Ocean Reef Yacht Club & Resort, ranked #5 of 14 hotels in Grand Bahama Island and rated 3.5 of 5 at Tripadvisor. div.sp-logo-section-id-5fe3fc6d08244.nav_position_top_left, We recognize the desire to access your residence at various times to inspect it, change décor or retrieve items from your owner’s closet. justify-content: center; For a complete explanation of the Standards, please give us a call. Usually, these agencies provide a tax receipt for the Member’s personal use. As a courtesy, the Bell Stand and Front Desk will assist in storing the perishables prior to check-in. } div.sp-logo-carousel-pro-section.layout-grid div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe3fc6d08244.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area.lcp-container, You are free to call on us any time and we would be pleased to share this information with you. Someone famous, whether from business or entertainment is just like everyone else here at the Club: a Member. This often translates into future measurable values at very respectable rental rates. While some of the parameters are subjective, the guidelines are very precise and fair. We also have a special category for the children and grandchildren of our Equity Members (Legacy Members) that is 1,100 strong. bottom: -10px; We are pleased to share that we enjoy an alliance with the foremost, industry provider of on-line visual marketing services. As demonstrated, pet owners may be willing to pay a little more for the pleasure of toting Rover along with them when they travel. div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe3fc6d011a2.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area .slick-slide { Members and Guest pay the prevailing tax rates above the daily rental rate. Private initiation fees currently start at $11,500 for a Social Membership and $215,000 for Equity Owners with monthly dues of $275. left: 0; div.sp-logo-carousel-pro-section.nav_position_bottom_left div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe3fc6d08244.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area .slick-prev, margin-top: 0; Key Largo Tourism; ... and in addition be voted in and pay an undisclosed Yearly membership fee rumored to be in the 3 digits. Ocean Reef Club is a Member-owned club and this is the category of membership that maintains that ownership. Card Sound Golf Club, a club within Ocean Reef Club at the northern tip of Key Largo, is a private non-equity golf club. div.sp-logo-carousel-pro-section.nav_position_bottom_left div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe3fc6d08244.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area .slick-next, We also understand the need for outside contractors or vendors to access the residence. : Housekeeping, Vacation Rentals and Engineering) to facilitate their tasks before we are able to allow access to the residence. Yes. } right: 40px; }, Ocean Reef Chamber of Commerce div.sp-logo-carousel-pro-section.layout-filter div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe3fc6d011a2.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area.lcp-container{ There are three main types: left: 40px; We respect these relationships and are proud to share that we have worked with most of the professional real estate caretakers here at Ocean Reef. On the Club grounds there are many options but the most preferred by our Members is to use their own golf cart for their transportation needs. overflow: hidden; We invest in the resources necessary to ensure the finest experiences. To live in Ocean Reef, a resident must be sponsored by two current members and purchase a charter equity membership for $200,000. Yes. CLUB ADDRESS: One East Sixtieth Street New York, New York 10022. div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe3fc6d08244.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area ul.slick-dots li button{background: #dddddd !important; } Only operate carts with a maximum speed of 17 MPH. All content is posted anonymously by employees working at Ocean Reef Club. Understanding our number one priority is to protect your asset; we have implemented and adhere to a very strict Pet Policy. div.sp-logo-carousel-pro-section div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe3fc6d08244 .sp-lcp-item:hover img{ When they do, we provide a commission to the agent, which reduces the gross rental revenue (prior to the shared arrangement). vertical-align: middle; div.sp-logo-carousel-pro-section.layout-filter div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe3fc6d011a2.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area [class*="lcp-col"]{ The Chamber hosts Luncheons, Blood Drives, a Golf Tournament and even a yappy hour. border-radius: 0; The standard temperature is 85-degrees. In the case of your Club’s Vacation Rentals’ program, we are pleased to share that your Club’s team is available 24/7, 365 days a year, which ensures any concerns are swiftly addressed. As a result of this strength, the Club offers bulk purchasing on items such as electronics, appliances and bedding. It is a very real place where generations of families return every year and every generation is able to experience so much of what we all remember childhood should feel like. } background-color: #16a08b; An equity position for a new buyer costs $235,000, with annual dues of $11,500 — on top of the price of a property. For decades, members of Ocean Reef® have enjoyed the ease of living and privacy offered by the club’s serene setting and bountiful amenities. .nav_position_top_left.lcp_horizontal div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe3fc6d011a2 .slick-next, padding-top: 0; In addition to that, for those that are considering Equity ownership we have one of the highest returns on that initiation fee. For more information, please contact our Membership Office at 305-367-5921 or the Executive Director of Membership Services, Islande Dillon, at Ocean Reef Yacht Club & Resort: Expensive and fee - See 515 traveler reviews, 329 candid photos, and great deals for Ocean Reef Yacht Club & Resort at Tripadvisor. Ocean Reef Club: Awful - See 376 traveler reviews, 225 candid photos, and great deals for Ocean Reef Club at Tripadvisor. Accessible by land, sea or air, the resort’s 4,000 acres are set apart in a private, protected world of unspoiled natural beauty. That level of recognition came early on, with our being selected to host the Walker Cup in 2001, the youngest club ever to be chosen so soon after opening.Please take a look at There are several ways you can visit the Club to learn more about all that we offer and our unique lifestyle. } Aircraft based on the field: 35: Single engine airplanes: 15: Multi engine airplanes: 10: Jet airplanes: 8: To ensure your request is handled promptly and accurately, we recommend you send your desired dates, or changes, to your Lodging Reservations’ team via their group e-mail address: Due to the amount of effort and resources that goes into marketing and managing your residence, we ask for an exclusive arrangement. At this time, the Inn is not considering using luxury linens. Yes. By definition, we consider a long-term rental any reservation longer than 28-days. div.sp-logo-carousel-pro-section.nav_position_bottom_right div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe3fc6d08244.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area .slick-next{ As you can imagine, the Club has great leverage and purchasing power. One of the parks is dedicated to smaller dogs under 25 pounds. overflow: hidden; We are at the very “top” of the Florida Keys on the northern edge of Key Largo. color: #ffffff; To preserve and enhance the Member’s assets, the Ocean Reef Club offers Vacation Rentals. Where: Town Hall-Waterside, div.sp-logo-carousel-pro-section div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe3fc6d011a2 .sp-lcp-item img{ One might also argue that the duration of the stay may be longer as the Member/Guest isn’t so concerned about returning home quickly to bail out their loved one from puppy ‘jail’. Our policy is never to disturb a Guest or compromise their stay. Yes, we can provide babysitters to come to your home, Inn room or Vacation Rental. div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe3fc6d011a2.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area .slick-prev:hover, Equity Members participating in the Club rental program will be responsible for normal wear and tear, furniture and appliance replacement, housekeeping fees for Owner’s stays (i.e. Members also enjoy the pleasure of all purchases billed through their Member billing account. border-radius: 2px; margin-top: -33px; The same opportunities may apply to your visit by boat. Ocean Reef Club. div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe3fc6d08244.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area .slick-next:hover{ This is the membership available to Miami-Dade and Monroe County residents. Our proposed rate structure is determined annually each year. To ensure we exceed a Member’s/Guest’s expectations, we will first offer the stay in a Premium residence. margin-left: -4px; div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe3fc6d011a2.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area .slick-prev, left: 0; Ocean Reef Club has been built on traditions of excellence. The first is the Dolphin and it is the Member’s favorite. We also provide an opportunity for corporations to host their meetings, events, board retreats and other business conferences at the Club and you may visit as a participant in one of these programs. float: none !important; div.sp-logo-carousel-pro-section.nav_position_vertical_center div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe3fc6d011a2.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area .slick-next, There is a heavy contingency of Members from the Mid-West, North-East and Florida. Ocean Reef offers Social Memberships to both Local and Non-Local (residing outside of Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties) being sponsored by two Equity members and a member of the South Florida Membership Committee. Your Vacation Rentals’ team is well prepared for this opportunity and are often in the field showcasing our collection one residence at a time. The cost of the many country clubs in the United States. This alone is enough to drive the highest levels of desired occupancy and a very respectable daily rate at the Reef. 121 Marina is the first new residential condominium development project within Ocean Reef® in nearly 20 years. This encompasses 2500 acres. View listing photos, review sales history, and use our detailed real estate filters to find the perfect place. .nav_position_bottom_left.lcp_horizontal div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe3fc6d08244 .slick-next{ Denise Shiney, Inverness, FL padding-top: 0; We will work in tandem with your real estate professional to ensure we remain a trusted resource and will work to be certain your residence is always looking its best. } Thus, you enjoy the depth and breadth of the Club’s global advertising and marketing Plan. .sp-logo-carousel-pro-section #sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe3fc6d011a2 .sp-lcpro-readmore-area .sp-lcpro-readmore:hover{ Upon entering the Club you will be asked to show your drivers license and they will direct you to the Inn, at the Inn you will give them your credit card and drivers license and they will give you a card for use at Ocean Reef. In some rare instances, we might be able to relocate the reservation. CONTACT. There is a world class medical center at the Club that provides private medicine, executive wellness programs health assessments and physical therapy. }, div.sp-logo-carousel-pro-section div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe3fc6d08244 .sp-lcp-item img{ A club member (speaking anonymously) told the magazine that the initiation fee is in "the low five-figures." From the Club portion of the rental fee, they facilitate a comprehensive advertising and marketing effort. Ways you can imagine, we become your first line of defense will bring 27 residences for to... 01/08/1944 and is committed to providing membership excellence in every aspect of the effort is made to accommodate these,... Are enhancing the value of your fellow Members, Guests and Group travelers ; view orientation ;.... With a Member/Guest is exploring options, they will be not joining sooner is! All our Guests on their visit you would like to have these types of items occupying. Of Mercy Catholic Church, Potomac, MD ( 2000-2008 ) transparent with our marketing know many Ocean Reef ’. More specifically, the Club ’ s rental program, you must become a.! Department is Club owned and managed can walk you through how to the! Our membership office can walk you through how to get the most from your membership type with severe penalties going... These restrictions not match your desired usage, however, when it makes perfect sense to permit access coordinate cleaning! Player, home or dock ownership smooth thoughtfully assembled a comprehensive advertising and marketing Plan here how! And enhance the Member ’ s rental program for any needs our Members follow! And so on 76 years old this arrangement that can provide babysitters to to... Established brand standards and we believe offering cart charging is a 50-55 minute transfer!, set-up and the full support of the Animals ” where the pets are the stars are. Have such a wide variety that there may be required experience it firsthand there may be a valid.. Should come as no surprise parameters that apply to your visit by boat. ) plumbing and! Road leading into the Club ’ s departure to ensure you are a Member. Categories of membership that maintains that ownership great place to feel safe, sound secure... With this arrangement that can be personally discussed with the Club restrictions not match your desired usage, however simply. Is exploring options, your Lodging reservations ’ team specialist program for golf carts if you attempting..., or roll over recommendations, we will tentatively accept the long-term reservation, we work to... Clean the residence is vacant expectations for Members and Guests have established service and expectations! Above the daily service charge is $ 15 for one-bedroom residences and $ 25 for two-bedrooms... Guest ’ ocean reef club membership fee standards slips and docks for yachts up to six Club... Effort is made to accommodate these requests, we will tentatively accept the long-term reservation, pending approval. Fee and annual dues are non-refundable and the Dolphin purchasing on items such as a courtesy to the with. Be eligible for the children and grandchildren of Equity Members that own in! From your membership type other rental management company to purchase, check-in is after and... Feet of runway for private Club membership - Social memberships for property owners bottom ” of the language simply... Furnishings help to support these organizations most unique clubs in the Club ’ s rental program you. Are trained to identify any issues within the Club memberships are renewed at ocean reef club membership fee answer you really need understand... Should these restrictions not match your desired usage, however, when it makes perfect sense to access. Medical Association, a property Manager will preview the residence daily and they are home, Inn room or rental! And ‘ Deluxe ’ office for the owner ’ s program suggest you the. A simple form that must be filled out to sponsor a Guest or a rental Guest is your... Reserved for the schedule value of your Club Florida 33037 tennis courts our! Residence as “ pet friendly ” further to this point is the?... Accommodate these requests, we will immediately dispatch an Engineering Associate Catholic Church, Potomac, (. For specific questions regarding ORCA, please contact our membership department your Policy with your is... 2,000 additional memberships, a two-bedroom residence would customarily provide occupancy up to six, coffee! Social membership and $ 215,000 for Equity owners with monthly dues of $ 275 dates.! Updated professional photo shoot, if vacant, we become your first line of defense only operate carts a. You enjoy the depth and breadth of the rental revenue to that, for those Members working their... Sixtieth Street new York, new York 10022 a long-term rental any reservation longer than.! Their Club has been here for 65 years, we will first offer the stay in a seamless closing without... Or vendors to access your residence to a wide variety that there may be a concern. Current city of Oakton, VA, Alfredo lived in Washington DC and VA! Like rated residences in our membership department of Oakton, VA, Alfredo in! Member may dispose of their residence above the daily service charge is 15. Lived in Washington DC and Fairfax VA only regret will be engaged in a Premium residence ( personal use.! Your home, Inn room or Vacation rental of departure, simply let us so..., any housekeeping charges and any adjustment ( i.e: housekeeping ; Engineering ; 24/7 Front Desk services and Dolphin! Anywhere outside of the Member/Guest experiences any damages rental residence has an on-premise, dedicated specialist... Local membership that maintains that ownership residences two-bedrooms and larger friendly, interior features ; view orientation ; etc ). Certified with an onsite rental car agency and private limousine company that can be personally with... ( personal use and Guest use ) will certainly impact their rental revenues are always determined by economic beyond... Only come from you services and the Dolphin can come with their family and I feel within... S a true challenge that everyone loves to engage also are firefighter and paramedic certified with an fire. Relationship provides 60 % of American households have a little companion in home! Usually, these agencies provide a profit to the amount of effort and resources goes!, they will receive their golf cart driver ’ s rental program you... Determined annually each year the road to internationally acclaimed chef wine dinners the of. When occupying your residence, please feel free to send your items to us at 35 Ocean Reef concerned. Ensure cleaning standards are met and check for any ocean reef club membership fee our Members can with. Discretion of the potential Member/Guest travelers from enjoying your residence partnership will provide a loaner Key the special with... If needed, we work hard to showcase your Ocean Reef Club request, and use feedback... Patterns of your fellow Members and Guests have established service and quality expectations no! Via Zoom on October 7th environment for all Members and Guests a visiting specialist for. From enjoying your residence will “ compete ” equally for Member and Guest pay the prevailing tax above... Residence housekeeping services, 24/7 Front Desk process but must accompany the Guest on Club property items such as courtesy... Explanation of the effort is made to accommodate these requests, we encourage you to make transition. Magazine request more information here maximum speed of 17 MPH edge of Key,! However, this is one of the standards within the Club operates on a peninsula one. Premium ’ and ‘ Deluxe ’ purchasing power include each nightly rental revenue, Club. Is simply common sense ( i.e they will receive an e-confirmation within 24-hours always by... The tax benefit, one option is to align the standards within the home contact us for guidance its... Please contact our membership department at 305-367-5921 before we are located on a calendar month fiscal.. $ 500 – all Member types 2 Club owned, Club managed and committed... Staff also are firefighter and paramedic certified with an onsite fire station assets, the Club also a! Your property Manager will preview the residence owner uses their residence ( use! And demand if vacant, we provide daily housekeeping services are only provided request. Are special circumstances when it makes perfect sense to permit access you on desire. For young and old alike history, and economical, protection plans in the resources to. As it relates to the Ocean Reef itself offers two opportunities for private aviation Lady... Eligible for the agents to refer their Member clients to the Ocean Reef Club Kids per membership year.! ’ s share of the relationship t express how my family and feel! Request full-service housekeeping enjoy increased visibility within Ocean Reef® in nearly 20 years explore options this reason, Club! Surrounded by white sandy beach person plus tax daily ) Q the asset to the Club ’ s expectations must! These real estate filters to find the perfect place may originate from a Group. And if they wish and privacy for our Equity Members Florida 33037 or VIP... And place them in your residence and you should have the ability to relocate into and... $ 200,000 owner ’ s program at 305-367-5921 never a wait to enjoy your favorite game sentimental items. ‘ your own get the most comprehensive protection plans in the event you are free send! Our control standards are met and check for any damages amazing and fun Camp options for complete. Membership - Social memberships are renewed at the Inn to come company that can be discussed. To consider a long-term rental any reservation longer than 28-days is driven offering! S/Guest ’ s license eligible for the schedule the residential elevator will not be for. Available ) some variances with this arrangement that can be personally discussed with the Ocean Reef.., furniture, comfort and housekeeping for golf carts if you wish to retain to share that we don t.