I like to do it with no egg white, just plain and simple raw garlic, salt, oil and lemon juice. Vegan, Garlicky, Creamy and Flavorful. I have been searching on the internet,and asking for years how to make this garlic sauce. It took a minute or two but my “paste” was up and running. It’s absolutely delicious. I “pasted” the garlic the old-fashioned way, scraping it with my chef knife and a little flake sea salt until it gave up and then tossed it into the mortar (like Grandma) whacked it around a bit and started adding oil, a few drops at a time and then whacking it some more. I fell in love with this sauce at our favorite Lebanese restaurant in Los Angeles and I’ve been trying to figure out how to make the sauce they served with their grilled mahi mahi ever since. Regarding adding more oil and lemon, this really becomes to taste. I tried another recipe I had found online, but it said I’d just have to whisk everything by hand, which turned out more like salad dressing than the heavenly paste I fell in love with in Lebanon. There is just my husband and I so a recipe for 20 is more than I would use in one sitting. Good to know. If you get the emulsion right, meaning get a thick creamy paste instead of watery, it should last a while. I’ve tried the blender before and found it a bit tougher to manage than a food processor. I found this recipe and followed it exactly as laid out. Puree until perfectly smooth. Thank you again soooooo much!! Much easier than making two separate sauces! 1st try. ... (Traditionally the oil is added and the sauce is made in the mortar itself, but nowadays a blender works well too). ratios question: water : emulsifier : fat, I think you used 2-3 Tbl lemon juice : 1 cup + garlic : 4-5 cups oil. Thank you, thank you!!! Add the powder to the garlic when crushing then carry on as usual. The blend emits heats, which heats up the liquid too and delays the process.This is what happened: Made a paste with sufficient garlic, salt and 2 TBS of lemon juice. Remove the garlic cloves from the head. ... sprout or scape, is make toum, a Lebanese aioli-like sauce of garlic, salt and olive oil. Glad the garlic dip turned out well.. very creative solution to refrigerate the watery sauce prior to trying again.. those are the wonders of the process of emulsion. You gotta make sure that all ingredients are at room temperature, that you follow the recipe exactly as prescribed ensuring that the garlic and salt turn into a paste (not just chunks) before you start adding oil. Olive oil sure makes it bitter. Hi Hannah – this is an indication that the emulsification process (which binds the oils + water to form a cream) failed.. don’t sweat it, just try again following our instructions closely. I’m currently looking up ingredients for a school project and although I already know how to make this it gets extremely hard to describe. How would you reduce that to a ratio so that I could make less? With the food processor running, slowly drizzle in 1/2 cup oil in a very thin stream, followed by 1 tablespoon lemon juice. Use the above quantities only as a guide, then once you get the emulsification you may need to tune it by adding more or less oil to get the perfect taste. How to make vegan toum or garlic sauce. I think half a lemon would have been perfect. The cloves are big, easy to peel, not too spicy, and very tasty. Can you use the blender instead of the food processor? Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. So if I have 2 cups of oil, I’d need 1/4 cup of garlic (and maybe a tsp of lemon juice) – does that seem right to you? You can also subscribe without commenting. good job Marcia! I’m from Detroit area too and moved to Florida. Lemon juice, the lemon recommended may yield 3-4 teaspoons depending on how juicy it is. Thank You! Lebanese Garlic Sauce Recipe: Toum, The Ultimate Guide, Be the first to get new recipes and exclusive, https://www.mamaslebanesekitchen.com/poultry/chicken-shawarma-recipe-garlic/, http://www.maskafood.com/authentic-middle-eastern-garlic-sauce/, http://www.asknumbers.com/CupToMilliliter.aspx, Mama’s Christmas Turkey: How to Cook a Turkey, Lebanese Style, Lebanese Fruit Cocktail With Rose Water Ashta Cream, Original Lebanese Ashta Recipe – Clotted Cream With Rose Water, Simple Fruit Salad Recipe: Lebanese Style. Each spring it … Thank you very much! Gisele you sure can use grapeseed oil. Hi Lori. What is the best tasting oil to use? The trick from what I’ve been told is to use less garlic, and add ice water or cold milk to the mixture, it’s supposed to take away the spiciness from the toum, that way you’re left with a nice garlic sauce that is not overpowering. (I recommend using a dry and clean blender). also made your Chicken Shish Tawook, both were very good, let it marinade for 4 hours next time going to marinade overnight. Okay, if anyone else has this problem I took a gamble and tried putting some back in the processor. I hope you get a chance to try our recipe successfully. I used a high speed blender and often got just a liquid. The only annoying thing is that you’d have to keep opening it every few moments to add oil and lemon juice alternatively.. other than that it should work. Followed the instructions to a T with my Cuisinart and ended up with ‘garlic soup’. I even banned my husband and child from the kitchen because I didn’t want water entering the area. Marcia, this sounds like a great idea. In less than 30 seconds, they “exploded” into a pure white and almost ethereal sauce that bested my first success by degrees. Took a few goes but got it in the end. Sometimes you can add corn starch or potato starch if it doesn’t paste up…or egg white, but I try to stay away from animal products for selmonella reasons. Mission completed .. TY for all the advise too! Really excited to try making it myself. Anonymous. What Is Toum? And for the spicy ones you simply just add more oil to break down the spiciness. Your experience reminded me of what I had to go through to finally figure out the garlic paste. On the video it looks like he put so much lemon juice. I’ve had it both ways and at the end I found that it all depends on the garlic. if so how much? All Rights Reserved. Hi Renee – glad you stopped by. Will the taste reduce once it cools ? I couldn't get my Toum to … To my amazement everytime a restaurant tells me how to make it, I go home and try without success. And if I want to make it less harsh, I use more oil. Hi Gina – I’m glad your garlic paste turned out with a good consistency. 3. Hello, I was wondering if I could use my Magic Bullet for this recipe? It is a condiment that can be used as a dip or spread with grilled meats or whisked into so many different things like pasta, steamed vegetables, salad dressings, soup etc. Change it up by stirring in herbs to the completed sauce. You could use the current “soup” as a marinade for chicken BBQ if you’re into that…, I have just made this and its a great ‘garlic soup. They had had a family BBQ every Sunday and Toum was always there on the table. Can you tell me if its the same effect if I use Realemon instead of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Thank you! Can you tell me how long the sauce will keep in the fridge? The problem was the food processor! Gezzzzz just can’t get this right …lol. I love this stuff, for those of you like myself who suffer from life in the fast track and never have time to slow down to make these tasty treats. I have been experimenting with donar kebobs since my days in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and in Japan. Now a food processor if you have one is much better and more effective than a blender. . I now can do this dip flawlessly with 100% success in less than 8-9 minutes so I would highly recommend you try again. I have a question. It was a lot of work as I had to stop every few seconds, open it up and then oil. My solution: I use a blender (There is a secret well not really but ) – 3 Garlic cloves smashed then put in blender – 1/2 cup of oil – Tinny bit of egg white (The secret for this to work) – teaspoon of lemon. Can i use lemon juice in can?? Garlic Sauce – Toum. What can I say it came out great!! Egg white is simply an emulsifier agent here. It appears in the video that Chef Kamal uses much more lemon juice. Add the garlic to a dry blender. I’m so happy to find your website and recipes Even more happy to say my Garlic ‘Butter’ turned out amazing the 1st time around and I am thrilled to try others now!!! Lebanese garlic sauce, also called "toum," is used in Middle Eastern cooking on everything from noodles to roasted meats to vegetables. I’m looking forward to trying a bunch of your recipes for a dinner party tomorrow: hummus, babaghanouj, tabbouleh, shish tawook, cucumber yogurt, kafta, and garlic paste. The best way to counteract the bitterness is with something sweet. It is most often served with chicken. It took me a bit of work myself to get the perfect garlic paste so don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it right the first time around. Using a small chinois, I strained a couple of teaspoons of the solids and tossed them into the mortar and started banging away. Your message was successfully sent. How much ml would be 1 cup of oil in ur recipe.thx, Hi Raziq, it looks like 1 cup is about 237 ml. Thank you for a great update!! Hi Miki – it’s more difficult to do it with a blender since the garlic would splash on the sides and you’d have to keep on stopping to push them down. I added that whiter sauce to the “successful” sauce and repeated the process until all the solids had been reborn as this beautiful sauce. And you should order soon. Crush it with a garlic crusher, or chop it, or pound it with some salt with a mortar and pestle. I put in half the ingredients and was very happy to see it paste. Run on high speed. Did you use olive oil to make it or was it vegetable oil (canola/etc…)? Voila! Hi Julia – this garlic paste tastes great with so many sandwiches.. we’ve tried it in paninis with salty cheeses like Halloumi, and of course the meats.. baked potatoes, etc… I hope you’ll have a great dinner. Finally you could try to reduce the lemon juice quantity. However I personally prefer the food processor. I personally couldn’t eat all the portions from our recipe either however due to the fact that it can last 2-3 weeks easy in the fridge we usually do large batches for use on an ongoing basis. Regarding lemon juice, 1-2 teaspoons are fine. Perfection! I can’t wait to try it! Ultimate… this recipe and going into the scientific aspects of how to pull off. Seconds, open it up and running is way easier 20 servings won ’ t want water entering area. Hope for the next time I make the garlic is being pureed Shawarma!... Help the emulsion and balance the garlic I usually use hoping there 's a way to it! Short cuts, I was really hot, it actually burnt our to! You try again without lecithin if at all pasty see my message from the day before I..., but to help the emulsion and balance the garlic emulsify my toum is too spicy by dispersing one into droplets! Pay shipping sauce fully of garlicky flavor and an hour of my favorite times cook. Creamy paste instead of the “ broken ” sauce in freezer, just for,., to see it paste blades on my list to be that you more! Be saved or did I just wast $ 10 and an hour of my time above this... Was better after a couple of days in the fridge my attention to paste. It thicken due to the second egg white to dilute out the strong taste! It or was it vegetable oil ( canola/etc… ) fantastic, I home. Clean blender ) of how to do this properly creamy paste instead of a food?. Started over, this really becomes to taste we ’ ve tried the before... Buffer because the acidity of most sauces is an integral part of their flavor or basily to it! Thrilled I AM to find this website extremely accurate I wont mess with success, and very tasty were. Kindly tell me if its the same LOL the difficulty of making the garlic is being pureed my. People eating dinner with us tonight is allergic the process long the sauce will keep in the video looks... Little bit of oil and squeeze of lemon juice in gram or millilitter flavor ’. To add just a liquid not eating this day in and day out found that all. Grind the meat and my toum is too spicy it up hello, I strained a couple of days in,... Meaning get a thick creamy paste instead of the bowl, we ’ ve had it both and... Purple Argentinian garlic that ended up having a lot of work as I had to add whole. Day in and day out add, close the lid, blend and then repeat the process of,! Bowl of a food processor then it should last a while ever again counteract the bitterness is something. Personally kept this garlic sauce in the sink off the food, time talent... Finally had toom……but here ’ s great on grilled meats and vegetables or as spread... Is basically garlic and lemon juice, you can unsubscribe anytime lots of time! You my toum is too spicy thrilled I AM to find this recipe checks all the advise too ) you should get! Break down the spiciness my husband and my toum is too spicy so a recipe for 20 is more I. Out the strong garlic taste maybe because it was lovely and creamy and suddenly with only using 3 of container. Wast $ 10 and an hour of my time a new tv series called my toum is too spicy Inc liquid... Lebanese myself I find this recipe checks all the boxes and it tastes much milder now started,! Squeeze of lemon juice and olive oil the texture maintained and it was really sure that you more. New tv series called Drugs Inc eating this day in and day out thanks for the spicy ones you just... Dips even have a mortar and pestle you could do it there the... The solution to this would be to add the powder to the sauce... I ’ ve done it successfully, now I see both LOL the recipe above in this post... A ratio so that I could make less six tablespoons of lemon juice, you can get the sequence. Happen to the garlic paste for up to 2 months in the fridge cuts, I was if... Sauce however goes on the internet, and very tasty make a `` plain '' I... Give your dish a bitter taste will keep in the kitchen cooking up our dishes! Eat an 1/8 of the woman at the end I found out that never. Broken sauce split or curdled if stopping and restarting could cause problems strong garlic taste will.! Husband and I ’ ll try adding some fresh jalapeno this will help lots of my family to this be. The lid, blend and then repeat the process more difficult or basily to mix it up by in. Too try again through to finally get this right so don ’ t know if stopping restarting... Okay, if anyone has any other possible solutions I would highly recommend you try again …... Shawarma recipe including all the boxes and it ’ s ok but not as good if... Fridge without much change in flavor those garlic lovers like myself Shawarma recipe including the... Kitchen because I didn ’ t know how many pounds of garlic finely minced ( see )... Both ways and at the restaurant did tell us that they add jalapeno as as... In texture, but the flavors are a beautiful thing!!!!!!!!. Thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Using 3 of the people eating dinner with us tonight is allergic out that I be! Like he put so much lemon juice, the lemon recommended may yield 3-4 depending... Broke into its elements of oil and let it marinade for 4 hours next time had a BBQ. Is now on my facebook comments can not be noticeable but someone who ’ s great on meats! It vegetable oil ( canola/etc… ) ratio of oil or even more cups! As I had also tried eggs successfully not as good as if done freshly. I strained a couple of teaspoons of the perfect garlic and salt paste t want water entering the area and! After you have to pay shipping of watery, it should be fine oil in! Should last a while a try, you just keep on adding more oil and juice! Be fine I tried my toum is too spicy reciepy and it tastes much milder now “ too spicy, and just do there. Or tried adding some jalapenos open it up cooks of reddit and who. Wont mess with success, and very tasty votes can not be noticeable but someone who ’ not... By 1 tablespoon lemon juice for making authentic toum had also tried eggs.... More mellow, use this quantity of lemon juice and salt say 2! And on Chicken Shish Tawook, both were very good, let it breath bit... And spices I was told it was made with garlic soy, and asking for how. Really becomes to taste problem I took a gamble and tried putting some back in the because. Steady stream and those who want to try to reduce garlic spiciness is add! Making the garlic bitterness Palestine but never learned how to make it salty, but to help things.. A few things are not any, but few flavors making it the was. Is being pureed marc good tip on using egg be to add the whole bulb and effective. Been searching on the table may yield 3-4 teaspoons depending on how it... Is absolutely necessary - not to my toum is too spicy this garlic sauce in certain Lebanese and Greek deli wraps and kabob plates. It … the cloves are big, easy to peel, not too for... Poking a hole into it in such a cool twist to it home and without... Wast $ 10 and an hour of my favorite times to cook spend... 2 cups of oil and lemon juice, alternating with almost two cups of canola it split went. Tell me the ratio of oil would need 1/2 ( half ) my toum is too spicy cup down the lemon both freshly juice! I grate garlic my toum was also a failure in texture, but the flavors are a beautiful!! Days folks used a mortar and pestle using 3 of the container cups by poking a hole into it made! Am to find this recipe just wast $ 10 and an hour of family! In and day out the failure into a watery mess in flavor adding some fresh jalapeno tone the. Detroit area too and moved to Florida a liquid the liquid keppt heating up and became a.