DOKKAN Event: The Terrifying Transforming Majin - Buu (Super)/Majin Buu (Ultimate Gohan Absorbed) SUMMARY. Grandpa Gohan was a loving and caring man who became the adoptive grandfather of Goku when he found him near the landing site of his space pod when he was a baby. Super Saiyan 2 is the direct successor of the regular Super Saiyan transformation and was first obtained by Son Gohan during the Cell Games. Video Title: THE BEST ULTIMATE GOHAN IN DOKKAN? An extremely difficult event has started now! 100% RAINBOW STAR F2P ULTIMATE GOHAN! Not Classified: 9580: Not Classified: 14980: Not Classified: 9478: Not Classified: 14478: Not Classified: 4399: Not Classified: 8999 The Super Incredible Guy 5.2 … The thing is there are better ideas for categories outside of "Special Pose" etc. Ultimate Bearers of Hope Goku (Mastered Ultra Instinct) & Vegeta (Mastered Ultra Instinct) Scheme of Vengeance Paragus/Broly Overpowered Punisher Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta Historically, SP SSJ2 Gohan RED took a bit of time or a dead ally to really get going, but with his Zenkai 7 boost, he can take many fighters out even at the very onset of the match. Raises ATK & DEF by 20% for 99 turns on 12 Ki and 30% chance to stun Raises ATK & DEF by 50% for 99 turns on 18 Ki Card by Blacku117013. Gohan is the only known Saiyan/Human hybrid to ever achieve this transformation, due to having been born with a Saiyan tail. Gohan only transforms into this state three times throughout the series as ultimately, his tail was permanently removed. Come and challenge the most dreadful Majin Buu! Unlock Potential: is a state of self-enhancement to focus he full extent of their current capacities. He is married to Videl. BG and efffcts are from Dokkan while the characters are from: [] [] I estimate about 90-100% ATK and DEF from the passive due to the support being calculated separately. Evil Majin's Emergence - Buu (Super), The Ultimate Champion Heading Into Battle - Hercule, Unprecedented Majin - Majin Buu (Good), and Wrath-Bred Evil - Majin Buu (Pure Evil) all DOKKAN … He is often referred to as "Grandpa Gohan" instead to separate him from Goku's first son, Son Gohan, that is named after him in honor of him. Gohan is the first in a series of Saiyan-Human hybrids born on Earth. Grandpa Son Gohan (孫悟飯) also referred to as just Gohan, is the adopted human grandfather of Son Goku. 1 Appearance 2 Attributes 3 Variations 3.1 Super Saiyan 2 (Legendary Saiyan) 3.2 Super Saiyan Rage 4 In Other Timelines 4.1 Trunks' Timeline 5 In Other Media 5.1 Movies 5.1.1 Dragon Ball Z: The Galaxy's at the Brink!! Son Gohan (孫 悟飯, Son Gohan) is the first born child of Son Goku and Chi-Chi — the elder brother of Son Goten zthe brother-in-law of Candace Flynn and the younger brother of Lilo Pelekai. Lended/ Granted from elsewhere Power would be interesting with God Goku, Majin Vegeta, Spirit bomb Gokus, SSBKK Goku in the ToP, Spirit sword trunks, AGL LR Goku, SS4 Vegeta, Omega Shenron, Baby Vegeta, Ultimate Gohan, Masked Saiyan etc. When Goku first landed on Earth, his mission was to, in time, destroy the entire human race and sell the planet to another race.