We’ve had some issues with the tee boxes, even though we have rubber tees. The lease agreement included informally drawn boundaries on site maps, with a stipulation that a more formal legal description of the property would be made at a future date. Regional trail systems connections: The Park is host to a section of the Bay Area Ridge Trail, which is planned to eventually connect south to American Canyon, east to Solano County, and north to northern Napa Valley. Continuing left (west) on Skyline, it's a gradual climb to the park boundary where the trail follows the fence line on easier trails. Directions - Travel East at either of the two listed below: Imola Ave off Soscol / Hwy 221(Napa Vallejo Hwy) go 1.3 miles OR, Imola off Hwy 29 (cross over Soscol / Hwy 221), 19 spaces with full hookups @ $35 per night. A beautiful loop hike just under 6 miles, located in Napa's Skyline Wilderness Park. Parking: Parking is limited, so it is best to get there right as the park… The tent camping area has space available for up to 20 tents. The range is charted with 3 separate NFAA marked yardage ranges, each range having14 permanent targets as well as an area for 14 unmarked distance targets utilizing McKenzie 3-D’s. The skyline trail we used to hike down- I would not want to hike up that one … There are 15 miles of trail to ride, through wooded forest, valleys and hilltops. In the heat of the summer, enjoy the shady Marie Creek Trail up to Lake Marie, or for a longer trek, take the Skyline Trail past the lake, and connect to the Bay Area Ridge Trail. Continue to peak for 0.28 miles, 20% grade (844’ elevation). You'll find lots of wildlife, including deer and wild turkey. google_ad_width = 160; google_ad_width = 728; //-->. The park also connects to the San Francisco Bay Trail and the Napa River Trail. The Skyline Park course is hillier and tighter than most disc golf courses, said Napa resident Marvin Paul, who led a small group that built it 14 years ago. Thanks to the forward thinking of a group of local citizens, it was not sold but instead was leased by the State to the County of Napa in 1980. If … The 17-acre Skyline disc golf course is about a third the length of a typical ball golf course. Begin at access road near Disc Golf course (201’ elevation). This park is a great destination for a nice all day hike, or even better yet some biking. A trail riding company came in and ran guided horse-back rides on the trails. Eventually, however, they wore out their welcome, tearing up trail sign posts and getting into other bovine mischief, and the grazing June 22nd, 2002 I went to Skyline Wilderness Park in Napa CA. Mountain bikers became official park users and volunteers in 1984. Return trip elevation gain 387’.