In this example, the moneyline on the favorite Steelers opened at -700 (currently ). College football moneyline betting is the simplest form of betting. Favorites. Bet Calculator. Win % Money Line. The next step would be to return to this page and calculate Pinnacle’s No-Vig price. There is no such thing as a drawn game, and that counts when it comes to gambling too. If you are looking to bet in the traditional American style then this is the market for you. In other words, you'll have to wager more money on Los Angeles than you would Chicago in order collect $100 on a bet. If the New Orleans Saints have +200 moneyline odds and you wager $100, you would get a payout of $300 if the Saint win. Easy enough. Supports EW, Dead Heats, Rule 4. Your odds of winning any one flip are 50/50. Bet Calculator and Odds Calculator - Determine your potential winnings on accumulators using our Bet Calculator, Odds Calculator, Calculate Accumulators, Lucky 15, Each Way, Doubles, Trebles and more. 1/2 ivalid input. How to bet NFL Las Vegas Money Line Odds. -200) that means you will have to bet that amount to win $100. The money line is at the same time the most simple, and the most complicated style of gambling in the NFL. But particularly when live betting, you can lock in profits when the odds have shifted in your favor. If 100 people bet $10 on Team A, and then one person bets $10,000 on Team B, the line is going to shift to attract action onto Team A. (10°F) Line Win % Model 1/2 Kelly Win% Model Bet at Current Line? The charts below show two different money lines. (>25mph) Cold? The “actual moneyline” shows the typical line that a book would set at each spread (e.g. To calculate our potential profit, we take that number and multiply it by the size of our bet. Calculate bet returns for Accumulators, Lucky 15's, Doubles, Trebles, Football, Horse Racing and more. Miami Dolphins +220. The new bet odds calculator is an essential tool if you are placing wagers. Win %-400. Betting on moneyline is the most common way to bet on a game in America, and it involves the entire game. BetOnline 50% up to $1000 sign up. A back price of -105 is always better than -110 on your original bet if you plan to hedge further down the line, so it helps to sign up for an account with reduced juice sportsbooks. An “action” baseball money line bet means that if there is an unscheduled change of the pitchers, the payout could be different than the money line odds posted online. So, if you don’t really think that the pitchers will make a significant impact on the lines, you can bet “active” and your bet won’t be void in an instance of an unscheduled pitcher change. Money Line Calculator (Implied Probability) Money Line: Implied Probability: ... For example, you would need to win 80% of all of your bets just to break even if you only bet on -400 money line favorites (over 80% to turn a profit). For favorites, it is the exact opposite. It’s converted from a percentage to a money line. However, there is no fixed payout table for money line parlay bets because this is a progressive betting system. Betting on the Money Line. Hedge Calculator Examples. Payout. Bet Calculator and Odds Calculator - Determine your potential winnings on accumulators using our Bet Calculator, Odds Calculator, Calculate Accumulators, Lucky 15, Each Way, Doubles, Trebles and more. Money Line. Betting Odds Calculator. You can place your bets with more piece of mind. Our odds calculator is perfect for showing you how to calculate potential winnings for all types of sport wagers. -3 is typically -124). Top Sports Betting Sites. Bet Calculator. How to Hedge a Parlay Bet. OddsFire's smart money calculator is a free embeddable widget that analyzes which positions are being overlooked by the betting public in upcoming games The Kelly Criterion bet calculator above comes pre-filled with the simplest example: a game of coin flipping stacked in your favor. Supports EW, Dead Heats, Rule 4. If the number is positive, then you bet $100 to win that amount. All of the most popular bet types are supported, including Lucky 15, Single, Double, Accumulator, Patent and Round Robin, along with more specialised bets such as Alphabet, Magnificent 7, Union Jack, and the infamous Bookies Nightmare! To use our hedging calculator, simply add the price of your pre-game bet under “My Odds” and the bet amount. The money line is actually the most straightforward bet you can have on any sport. Now, with the betting odds calculator, you can easily figure out the risk versus reward of your wagers. Money line examples: Lets use an NFL example here: New England Patriots -240. The most comprehensive and reliable bet calculator. If at any time you find a line better at Bookmaker or another site than is offered at Pinnacle you might have a smart bet. It's imperative to use live NFL odds for every spread, total and money line for the games in a given week. At the surface, it is simple. We will take 100 and divide it by the money line number. Let’s look at how the concept of -110 works in three popular kinds of bets: Point spreads, money lines and over/unders. Examples of -110 in Sports Betting. If you place a Money Line bet and the team or person you have bet on wins, your bet will win. If a particular casino allows you to place money line bets with a parlay, you can figure out the payouts for your bet by calculating the odds based on the line. You no longer need to manually figure out how much you need to be laying on each side. The odds will list the the favorite in a given game as a negative number (ie. The Free Bet Calculator is the most advanced online sports bet calculator, allowing you to calculate the stake and profit for an extensive range of bets. Windy? American Odds e.g. If the odds you’re getting are better than Pinnacle’s no-vig price chances are you have a +EV (positive expected value) wager. Being able to calculate how much a bet returns for any given stake is one of the basics of betting and our Bet Calculator simplifies this process for bettors. Hedging in sports betting is often much more nuanced than just a simple calculator. Underdogs. Those curious about how much money you can win on your wagers will be eager to try our betting odds calculator. 200. +200 odds on a moneyline bet indicates how much money you would win if you bet $100 and were correct. So, for this example, we will take 100 and divide by 155 and get about $0.645 or about $0.65 in profit for every dollar that we bet. To bet the New England Patriots to win on the money line, you would need to spend $240 on the bet for a chance to win $100 if the Patriots beat the Dolphins. Bet Star Spread Money Line Total New Coach? Point-spread parlay bets are simpler and the probability for each outcome is 50%. However, that is where the pricing of the money line comes into play. The betting term Against the Spread (ATS) is not necessary for these types of wagers since the spread is not a factor.. Decimal Odds e.g. QB Change? Fractional Odds e.g. It would cost you $130 in order to collect a $100 payout on a Dodgers victory (plus the original wager of $130). Whilst the spread bet is on a team to win and by how many, the money line is a bet on simply a team to win. A NFL money line wager means you’re simply picking a side. Moneyline Conversion: Odds to Percentage Chart. The “expected moneyline” represents a composite outright win percentage of every game in each situation at the line given. Bet Calculator Work out potential winnings for any type of bet or check winning bets have been settled correctly with our bet calculator. Your return would be $340 – the original $240 stake (bet) and the $100 bet profit. Amount Odds e.g. Visit WilliamHill Bet £10 & Get £30 in Free Bets. Using this hedging calculator simplifies the math for you. It indicates how much you will win based on the odds and total wagered. If the number is negative, you have to wager that amount to win $100.Sometimes it will be necessary to use a conversion chart to translate the money lines to take advantage of the betting opportunities that spreads in a week. Money line bets can seem a little confusing at first, especially for the bettor who has traditionally wagered their money on the point spread. If the team or person you have bet on loses, your bet will lose. By providing more advantageous underdog money lines like in an above example, online sportsbooks create a market for both underdogs and favorites. Enter your stake, bet type, odds (fractional or decimal), place terms (if applicable) and then hit the calculate button. Use this calculator during the game to judge the pace of play and see if the outcome will be greater or less than the over/under line. Visit Parimatch Review. If your team wins, you win! This is an important distinction to understand. You would get your $100 back along with $200 in winnings. With college football money line betting you are simply picking which team will outright win the game. A bet can be broken down into two elements; the Stake - how much you risk, and the Payout - your potential return including your Stake. Basketball Money Line Betting Tips and Strategies You pick the winner, if they win, you cash your ticket. The number tells you how much profit you will win if you bet $100; If the number is +150, a $100 bet will win you $150 in profit. One popular form of sports bet is the parlay, which allows you to combine various games and picks in one bet to increase the odds. -120 ivalid input. When wagering on this brand of betting line, it's usually desirable to avoid taking on too a good deal risk or picking overwhelming favorites who don't pay out well. If all people bet on the favorites, a sportsbook will not be able to pay off all of the players in case they win. This side of the moneyline bet pays out more money per unit than a wager on the favorite. That way, you’ll know the exact amount you would win prior to placing any picks at your favorite sportsbook. The casino is willing to pay 2 to 1 on any bet you make. But if you bet $100 on the Cubs, you'd collect $120 if they win (plus the original wager). To Win. You may have noticed that we said earlier that it’s the amount of money bet on each side that is important to the sportsbook and not the number of bets. Visit BetWay £30 Free Bet. 2.0 ivalid input. In order to calculate the potential return from your Money Line bet, simply multiply your stake (the amount you bet) by the decimal odds of the option you are betting on. OverUnder Pace Calculator This is a great tool for those who bet the over/under. If you lose, you can lose more than what you initially put in but the goal ends up … If you win a bet, you'll spend all your winnings to bet on the next match and this goes on and on. Moneyline vs. There are many examples in sports betting where you may want to hedge (or arbitrage) your original bet. At -700 odds, a bettor would need to wager $700 to win $100.