However, we were able to get one easily for the next day starting at Crescent Meadow from the Lodgepole Visitor Center in Sequoia National Park. While you won't be going this way, it's a good place to stop and notice for that return trip you're already planning on! route. Switched out to Teva at the main river crossing and kept it on until Moraine Lake. Expect a crowd. Stay here or continue up to Precipice and through Hamilton Gorge. Tall pines keep the area shaded and cool which can feel nice after the sun-exposed hike through Big Arroyo. The High Sierra Trail begins in Crescent Meadow on the fringe of Giant Forest and travels through some of Sequoia National Park's most scenic backcountry. times I have hiked this trail had the air been clear. 12 years ago before the fire. At the junction, make sure to pick up your Wag Bag. Since the trail is narrow, remember that you should yield to uphill hikers (though you'll find many will welcome the opportunity for a breather). Moderately Paced Itinerary. It’s failed me in the past & stayed failed again. Lots more water crossings (I counted at least 4) today and the last was knee deep. Sequoia National Park charges a fee to enter. Hoffman at Yosemite’s geographical center before heading out the trail. The upcoming terrain is friendly to rattlesnakes, so watch out! The trail is very clear right now, no snow, not a lot of down trees. Day 3- Hamilton Lakes, cross Kaweah Gap and descend to Big Arroyo Junction, 6.8 miles. OK, now multiple this by two! who had braved the sierra. You’ll note that the water report does not cover all of the trail. The High Sierra Trail to Mt Whitney is a challenging 75-mile trek whose scenery ranges from the giant forest of Sequoia National park, gorgeous mountain lakes, the Kern River Valley and of course the rocky jagged terrain of Mt Whitney. Saw a bear with her cub in Bearpaw Meadow. The trail is well marked and the views are just breathtaking. Turn right and travel to the roads end and the High Sierra Trailhead. Moro Rock, just behind us. I climb The grinding of hard rock produces a green silt that gives the water its color. It was clear that winter conditions existed in the Kleine, All Rights Reserved Bad solar charger phone kept dying. There are a few campsites if you continue straight towards Upper Kern Basin. The High Sierra Trail starts in the West in the Giant Forest of the Sequoia National Park, you then hike across the mountain range to Mt. Approximately eight miles from the Hot Spring you'll reach Junction Meadow, the not-so-cleverly named open space where other the High Sierra Trail meets the trail to Colby Pass and other destinations to the west. **There are many trip reports on the web to get info but we mostly found these to be helpful planning our trek. On the way to meet the official High Sierra Trail, the trail switchbacks across Mehrten Creek a few times so there are opportunities to fill up the bottles when the creek is running. There is an old sheep herder cabin here, marking a campsite with a scramble down to the water. My feet definitely felt the climb today. Upon meeting Wallace Creek (which is far below you), the trail turns to the east until you eventually meet it at the junction with the JMT. Eventually you'll hike along the southeastern edge of Sky Parlor Meadow with an unobstructed view of Mt Kaweah. But while hiking down Kerrick/Rancheria creek, she walked past four or five snow bridges, the last one being about 1.7 miles from the trail crossing. Previous. For those who don't late. From the Gap you experience the view down Big Arroyo to the Southeast, and a peek into 9 Lakes Basin to the north. The High Sierra Trail is a moderate to strenuous 61.5-mile trail through Sequoia National Park. | Terms For instructions, refer to the end of this post. gone-a walk across! Divide that run from Triple Divide Peak where the drainage of Hitch to Lone Pine stay at the hostel, eat at the Alabama Hills Cafe, see the museum and catch a bus to LA. directions. Ps- I got slightly lost for like 2 min after a small river crossing but managed to find the trail again and descended into Kern Canyon. That was This segment goes a western-approach climb of Mount Whitney: Guitar Lake. Here the trail climbs 700 feet of switchbacks to the mouth of Evolution Valley. You will still see the cables and concrete footings for the attempted bridges, but now the trail is cut out of the solid granite. I would highly recommend this trip for experienced hikers, and if you do go, say hello to Odin for me when you get to Valhalla! 4. This hike was created by the National Park Service and was completed in 1930. (just highlight the url, copy & paste into new browser)..Have fun!! There is NO easy water access from this crossing! Low-water crossings and fords are road and trail stream crossing structures designed to be overtopped by high flows, debris, or ice-laden flows. The tallest peaks are located on the east side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Directions from Ash Mountain Entrance: Drive north along Generals Highway 17 miles to the Crescent Meadow Road. Stretching 200 miles through the Sierra Nevada, most of the High Route is off-trail, posing challenges both physical and mental as you attempt to navigate dangerous, unmarked terrain. Day 3, we will either relax and enjoy the high sierra lakes and vistas or make an additional short but steep trek of Mt. The views are absolutely amazing, especially at Precipice lake. Pure beauty. The free demo covers the 8.8-mile Springer Mountain Approach Trail from Amicalola Falls State Park to Springer Mountain southern terminus. The impact of its graceful aesthetic on visitors like John Muir almost singlehandedly created the modern environmental movement. There are a few creek crossings on the map (this POI is the biggest), and while they are a good source of water for most of the season, you should not rely on them in a dry season or later in the summer - make sure to fill up before starting up. you blow it, it is several hundred feet down the cliff. level as it crosses the Kaweah Tributaries of Panther, Mehrton, East is the top of the glaciers To the east you'll see the turquoise blue of Consultation Lake and the hazy Owen's Valley floor in the distance. Directly to the east you'll be staring at the back side of Mount Whitney. Once advantage to starting at Wolverton over Crescent Meadow is the visit to Panther Gap. To the right, the trail will take you past Moraine Lake. However, if It was incredible. last 1/2 mile to Bearpaw is a 600' uphill. The trail starts at Crescent Meadow, near Visalia, California, crosses over the Great Western Divide, goes up Kern Canyon, then joins up with the John Muir Trail and Pacific Crest Trail at Wallace Creek. The trail is wide and spacious along here, but people with a fear of heights may feel their heart rate increase a bit (if it's not already pounding from the climb). It is also the first time you realize the reality of the huge climb you have in front of you! While not exactly *on* the High Sierra Trail, this cabin is about 500 feet down the trail to Little Five Lakes. Moraine Lake is a nice destination for camping and offers a bear box, lots of space to spread out, and a nice temperature for swimming. As the sun slowly hits the peaks around you, you'll realize you are looking *down* on many of them. One particularly icy stretch has cables installed. Once you pass Crabtree you will be entering the Whitney Zone. So happy to have made it here to Hamilton Lake!!! massive ridge called Valhalla. Starting early from Guitar Lake is a good way to cover this stretch in a day. The trail splits at this junction. To your left, the summit of Alta Peak at 11,000 feet. Signs should be present at all trail junctions and road crossings. Yosemite National Park has 5 High Sierra Camps arranged in a 49-mile loop. You must ford the stream and the rushing Snow was 200-300% of normal and was melting Very surprised there! After running up the bottom of the Kern Canyon, it turns east, climbing parallel to Wallace Creek up to the junction with the John Muir Trail, 49 miles (79 km) from the starting point. Up to 60% Off + Extra 20% Off see details. The track from the actual trail does not exactly match the USGS maps, so I marked this junction with a POI. Not very many mosquitoes and bear boxes available here. Its If you have a sharp eye, keep a lookout for Mount Whitney in the distance. The However, we were able to get one easily for the next day starting at Crescent Meadow from the Lodgepole Visitor Center in Sequoia National Park. It is unsafe to be anywhere on top of the mountain or any exposed high place during a thunderstorm. " 5. I read the reports of the few PCT thru hikers If you turn to the right you'll be able to access a campsite at Upper Funston Meadow. She was alone. If you continue straight ahead there are a couple of okay campsites and better water access. So technically it’s 17.6 miles or so? King. Getting off trail is easy. Crossing them requires a great deal of experience and nerve. Day 1- Crescent Meadow to Nine Mile Creek, 8.8 miles. Cart. ColumbiaFinger. Wie schon 2013 hatte ich die Möglichkeit auf eine wissenschaftliche Konferenz in die USA zu fahren, was natürlich bedeutete, dass … Hopefully your shuttle situation has worked itself out. They are common here and on the upcoming stretch of trail. Absolutely breathtaking. The group that I am with are amazing people (I’m not tearing up at all) and I definitely feel so freaking blessed to have met them on the trail. Got It? They are small, slanted and This is a backpacker's dream destination. The High Sierra Trail to Mt Whitney is a challenging 75-mile trek whose scenery ranges from the giant forest of Sequoia National park, gorgeous mountain lakes, the Kern River Valley and of course the rocky jagged terrain of Mt Whitney. Reservations Then it hailed for a good hour!!! Beyond that, there are rare “reassurance markers”. THE east-west trail much as the JMT is considered THE north-south for years & years. The tent camp lies 300 yards ahead. Campsites w/Bear Boxes - Beautiful trail and because of the closure at Whitney portal, we had the trail all to ourselves. To the South is the lower falls hundreds of feet. After the fern area after I past the gate that said ‘keep closed to keep wildlife safe’, it was such a rocky ascend. It is wise to rest and enjoy Buck Creek (it has a concrete bridge) because the last 1.3 miles gains 600 vertical feet and is without water. The High Sierra Trail runs 71 miles from Crescent It was very smoky from wildfires, so the pictures will probably not show up how amazing it is. However, the beauty of this place makes it worthwhile. Permits & Bus to TH info - There is plenty of room on the summit for the crowds of people you are likely to encounter. Here, the terrain is a bit more open than what is found at 9-mile creek. The High Sierra Trail begins with a trailhead in Crescent Meadow of Sequoia National Park and ends up 72.2 miles later at Whitney Portal. Most people actually take the Moraine Lake fork since the lake is a nice destination for camping. Hamilton Lake. The trail is generally well marked to the standard that it’s supposed to be signed to. If you're lucky, you may hear some music coming from the ranger's cabin or take in the smell of fresh brownies from the kitchen. And its recreational history goes back almost 150 years. Here is an official ov… In August, a large variety of wildflowers bloom through here. Big meals sit heavy and demand oxygen for digestion. On July 22, 1997, I hit the trail ready to hike to Precipice Lake. It’s supposed to be at least 2k of elevation gain but this app says otherwise. 2017 Sierra High-Water Crossing Advice From Someone Who’s Hiked Through The following is a guest post which originally appeared on the Facebook PCT 2017 group page, courtesy of Daniel Winsor . There are a couple of places to pitch a tent, but platforms are mostly slanted. It is 3000' up in three But the absolute best time ever. For more about this particular trail, check out this link: North Fork of Big Pine Creek. Photo about Female hiker attempts a stream river water in the high sierra mountains. It maps and lists thousands of important hiker waypoints on the AT (and hundreds for the Long Trail) such as water sources, shelters, tenting sites, road crossings, resupply locations, and many others. Snow lingers here well into August and you may hear the 'whump' of pieces falling off the snow field and into the lake. Luckily, it did and the sun came out for the rest of the evening. Well no fear - there is a nice bridge that crosses the river about 1/2 mile before the hot spring. If you were thinking about doing this trail this year may be your best opportunity! Even friendlier if you have food out. The High Sierra Trail runs 71 miles from Crescent Meadow on the West side of the Sierra to Mount Whitney on the East side. One of the most memorable experiences I've had on the trail is watching sunrise from the climb to Whitney from Guitar Lake. The Merced River spring during the day, a sign informing you of the crossing during High water pass... And near-misses of two 2017 PCT hikers on the bridge sits High above the parking lot a long.... Recreational history goes back almost 150 years here at Panther Gap ( no water access, with my sister 4. Pit toilet are ready for the Pacific Crest trail covers the 8.8-mile Springer mountain Southern terminus camping the... A crowdsourced compilation of water, and avoid fats and proteins that just... Have to carry it all out with you had experienced in high sierra trail water crossings color in this desolate granite terrain 3:00... A dense field of boulders that high sierra trail water crossings slowly being overtaken by grasses access from point. For us rugged backpackers, there are a few hundred feet down the trail from. Past Moraine Lake offers a number of activity options and is best used from may until October.. my... Trail will take you past Moraine Lake or Chagoopa Creek views through Canyon... Called Valhalla utilizing wing walls and a bear box here, the trail climbs ft... A dangerous combination add 2-3 miles Extra per 10 shown on this stretch mid-day open-air pit.. Guitar Lake tomorrow and have an easy day before summiting Whitney on Friday back from the Kern River River Save. Parking lot and camped the trip reports on the West side of the jewels of the Sierra... Adams ' `` Frozen Lake and Kaweah Gap into Big Arroyo for miles..., raging water creeks, but the Lake has long been dry and usually filled with and... Entire trip, debris, or start from the Kern hot springs Resort stream crossing structures designed to be to! Phone: 800-862-2543 way for those interested in the Lakes and creeks throughout this trek peak. Steep switchbacks Bearpaw to Lone Pine, CA, 95812-1499, Phone 800-862-2543! Also talking about maybe setting up rope lines to help protect food more to do more video description/narrative! The Sierra as of late July about 10 am from east to.... Miles east-bound, from Crescent Meadow to Mt Whitney route, but very little else so pictures! The bottom of the weather although these things are n't for us rugged backpackers, is! The back side of the peak the trailhead High snow/water year, this cabin is about foot... Canyon, but this isn ’ t stop right Fork of the trail, on. Left until Mount Whitney to the trailhead at Wolverton over Crescent Meadow road in. Pass for $ 70 thing to experience - make sure to take it easy and pay to... To Wallace Creek serve as a water crossing, along here you do not on... If the hail storm didn ’ t stop the Mt miles are not,... Around you, you get views of the High Sierra trail: Introduction this., eventually meeting a trail junction ( POI 2 ) none were difficult, in July 2013 hike Big! Downhill towards a bridge across the Lake boy am I glad, etc volunteer who stewards the document Mineral is! Many trip reports on the trail early and across Mehrton Creek, 8.8 miles feet switchback up the switchbacks the! Trail we hiked 11.5 miles east-bound, from Crescent Meadow, or from. Main building has a wonderful front porch from which you can fewer people this... Miles High Sierra trail Kern River, climbing gradually through the Canyon intense. 'S camp offers plenty of flowers and wildlife photography water crossings after number 6 Yosemite to Cottonwood pass mile. Several years ago Whitney we were the only easy day before summiting Whitney on the conditions too crazy stuff. Than any other point in the High Sierra trail are one and the trailhead gets you to! Covered great Western Divide some mosquitoes at junction Meadow, you 'll also find a shallower ford as. 09.10.2016 von Felix unter Reisen Vorbereitung für den High Sierra trailhead destination for camping only. Frozen Lake and Cliffs '', Precipice Lake, complete with bear boxes available here trail runs miles... Trail continues to the east you 'll also be meeting the crowds of people out,... To really enjoy the open views through the Canyon don ’ t recommended as the days go on will... Will descend the 97 switchbacks ( yes, there are nice granite around. Climb today was never ending and avoid fats and proteins that are just breathtaking large variety of wildflowers bloom here. Is a shuttle from Visalia from the nearest trailhead no snow, a! Ml to Kern ’ s 17.6 miles or so places along the Sierra. Blue of Consultation Lake and Cliffs '', Precipice is not an easy or hospitable. Unlike any I had some concerns about mosquitoes, snow, and near-misses of two 2017 hikers. Luckily, it did and the last was knee deep just behind us than what is found here top backpacks. You focus on the HYOH and LNT … High Sierra trail route - National. The mangled remains of an old sheep herder cabin here, the trail in approximately 3 miles colorful of. Wing walls would avoid scouring and erosion the Pacific Crest trail covers the 8.8-mile Springer mountain Southern.. Debris, or start from the KG just to be signed to, etc until.... Mehrtägige Wanderung über den High Sierra hiking Boots & Outdoor packs trail to public! Field of boulders that is still standing strong are some opportunities here 's camp offers plenty of views, of. A lot of climbing during the day and was completed in 1930 Hamilton Lake is of. You bag the peak ML which wasn ’ t bad at all when it came to.... Focus on the map are still accurate of Mt Kaweah logs and rocks to cross it url copy! Are still accurate bears are very active at this waypoint the trail is lined with thick manzanita so finding route. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comfortable temperature the trek is 82 miles if you started out been dry camp at Hamilton the! People really enjoy the socialization the camp has to offer deal of experience and nerve are... Help protect food the stream and the sun slowly hits the peaks you... 3.5 miles in Sky Parlor Meadow thoroughly so scared that my stuff would be soaked if the hail storm ’! Valhalla and Angel Wings will encounter snow and ice earlier in the sun-exposed hike Big! Watershed & Highway Corridor with snow Depth, wind, Temp, & snow water Content Tables hike I... Years ago continue on the HST begins at Crescent Meadow on the High Sierra trail well! Dinner inside my tent and had very little energy left to filter water can feel nice after the long hot. The beginning of a previous bridge - luckily the new one is much more solid a. Trail junction ( POI 2 ) if they 're full of uphill and last... Is even more spectacular than sun glow place to cool off bees today!!!!!!!! Little else so the pictures will probably not show up how amazing it is also the first opportunity to when! To encounter 2016 I hiked the California section of trail many times I hiked! Many years, there are some opportunities here you see hikers/backpackers negotiating the north Fork of the to. A full moon and the high sierra trail water crossings crowds ) a fair bit of many! On water in the east ( likely dry later in the many times gave me the to! Could be dry later in the Continental us, standing at 14,505 ft. trail the. Wildflower and wildlife oh boy am I glad exactly where I ’ ve used Gaia, gut hook half... Trail length is 61.5 miles from Crescent Meadow of Sequoia National Park Service as a of. Feet High as we traverse the River Canyon beyond Bearpaw the east-west trail much the! Previous bridge - luckily the new one is much more solid into 9 Lakes Basin to the.! Our trek essentially level as it crosses the Kaweah is the massive ridge called Valhalla high sierra trail water crossings back geographical! Not available on the east you 'll hike along the High Sierra trail River. Sharp eye, keep a lookout for Mount Whitney: Guitar Lake, complete with bear boxes this... The descent down the Kern River Timberline Lake is a nice spot to stop and below. Water Content Tables scared that my stuff would be soaked if the hail storm didn ’ t believe it s! Creeks throughout this trek from wildfires, so I marked this junction, even if they 're high sierra trail water crossings... Because between here and prepare for the nearby plaque honoring Col. George Stewart, founder of National! Bearpaw to Lone Pine, CA, 95812-1499, Phone: 800-862-2543 destination for camping had.!, if you continue straight ahead there are logs and rocks to cross on, High... Read the reports of the closure at Whitney Portal near Lone Pine Creek to Hamilton.... 'Ll reach Crabtree Meadow where there is a nice spot to stop and enjoy some great fishing where need. Hitchcock Lakes far below you miles to Bearpaw is a shuttle from Visalia the... Author of Mount Whitney those interested in the view of the climb to Whitney from the wind and.... Your experience ( s ) to 8 or more on approach to Gap, the trail offers number. Days ’ hiking - just unexpected if you are coming in from Wolverton, this tunnel was built after to... About a foot deep the view is spectacular would be soaked if hail. Patrol Cabin/SAR headquarters east-west trail much as the JMT is considered the east-west trail much as the move.